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Japan ICT Week was officially opened from 23/10/2013 with many exciting activities.

The even hold the Application Contest of Vietnamese software deverloper. The objectives of this contest is to show the technical and planing strength of young Vietnamese deverloper which leads to the collaboration with Japanese company attending as sponsors of this Application Contest.

As a Sponsor, it is our pleasure to give the "Mio System Award" especially to the image processing fields. The Success Software Service Co., Ltd. won this price.

We hope to contribute more to the further improvement in technical of Vietnam through this activity.

2019/07   Deep Learning for counting and measurement: counting of very noisy image of steel sheets with very high accuracy.
2019/07   Deep Learning for motion behaviors: Apply deep learning to human body structure to assess the behavior of people.
2019/06   Deep Learning for structure audio: Using 2D processing technology on image by GPU to classify audio in real time.
2019/06   Deep Learning for structure audio: Applied machine learning for stratified sound structure analysis.
2019/05   Deep Learning for motion circles: Identify standardized motion to create training data for behavioral learning machines.
2019/03   Deep Learning for structure objects: Using object detect for in-depth analysis of multiple object structures.
2018/12   Object Recornization System: Using CNN network for deeplearning Object from topview of construction work place
2018/12   Cloud System: Construct and Analyze 3D MapPoint from vision sensor and movement sensor
2018/12   Map System: Create Large map image from fragment tiles collected from Done using image stitching algorithm
2018/12   Multiple Bluetooth GPS: movement sensor data into cloud via Android device and estimate 3D trajectory of workers
2018/12   Multiple gates work place management for in/out Dump truck accessing (PHP Laravel)
2018/12   Automatical Measurement capacity of carrier volume using high speed laser scanner (Sensor, C++)
2018/12   Using Deep learning for recognition Japanese Plate license number at dump truck in/out gates (AI, C++)
2018/12   Public/Private R&D Investment Strategic Expansion Program. (Society 5.0)
2018/11   Truck Measurement System: Transport Volume Measurement by Camera and Individual Detect Multiple License Plates. (C#, C++)
2018/11   Archive Collection System: Analyze Big Data from Daily Video and Re-Construct Trajectory and 3D Environment Data (C++, GoPro)
2018/11   3D Archive Map System: Image Processing and Re-construct Archived Map Data from Drone Images. (C#, C++, Drone)
2018/10   Labor Simulation System: Optimize Work Process and Labor Productivity with Multiple Stages and Skill (C#, C++)
2018/10   Data Collection System: Collect Drone Images to Generate 3D Map Data (C#, C++, Drone)
2018/09   Optimization System: Analyze Optimize Big Data By Multi-dimention Function with Nonlinear and Multiple Constraints(C#, C++)
2018/09   SLAM: Accurately Decode Magnet and Calibration (C++)
2018/08   Sensor Less Hammer Game (AI, C#, C++)
2018/07   Calibration System: IMU Combination of Moving Objects and Images to Re-Construct Loss GPS and Trajectory Data
2018/06   Using Maching learning for detecting Human anatomy body.
2018/06   Using Neuron network for classifying IoT sensor data at Cloud side
2018/06   Adding AI Knowledge for Humanoid Robot.
2018/06   Improvement Accuracy for Factory OCR Application Using machine Learning.
2018/06   Roulette Ball Detection: Product version (Integrated Machine/ C#, C++)
2018/05   Research image object searching and ticketing by trained model, using realtime for Video situation
2018/05   Wireless Inspetion System: Mobile special purpose machine, NFC (Integrated Machine/ C#)
2018/04   NAO Robot: Voice Recorgnition and Human Detection System (NAO Robot/ C++)
2018/04   Business Call Text: Voice Recorgnition and Translation System (Record Adapter/ C#/ PHP)
2018/03   Drone Data Transfer System: Multilingual Movie Viewer System (Drone/ Obj-C/ PHP)
2018/03   Drone Data Transfer System: Realtime Still Image Viewer System (Drone/ Obj-C/ PHP)
2018/02   Drone Data Transfer System: Movie upload and Auto Flight Control (Drone/ Obj-C/ PHP)
2017/11   Speed up resource control analysis processing. (Solver/ AI/ C#)
2017/11   Server Transmission Data Management System. (Socket/ C#)
2017/10   Measurement system by analyzing video and location information. (GoPro/ GPS/ Java Android)
2017/10   Resource planning system by statistical analysis method. (Solver/ C#)
2017/09   Infrastructure Museum AR Application (Kudan/ Java, Obj-C)
2017/09   Disaster Communication System (WebRTC/ Java, Obj-C)
2017/08   Inteligent Map Visualyse System (C#)
2017/08   Movie data analysis for VO System (SLAM/ C/C++)
2017/07   IoT data Collection system (Sensors/ C/C++, Java, Objective C, PHP)
2017/07   3D Point Cloud GUI Manipulation and Correction (Drone/ C/C++, C#)
2017/07   Build Testing Environment for 4G Core Network on IP infrastructure (GO lang, C++)
2017/07   Maintain Parralel Inspection Sequence System (C/C++, C#)
2017/06   Android voice/data/SNS Communication system (Java, C/C++)
2017/06   Statistic System of Recruitment Websites and Reviews (Ruby on Rails, MariaDB, Sass)
2017/06   Camera Trajectory Estimation and Mapping (SLAM - C/C++, Java, PHP)
2017/06   3D High Accuracy, High Speed Scanner Colection system (C/C++, C#)
2017/06   Product characteristics Vision analyzer for Maker's controller system (C/C++, C#)
2017/05   High Speed Vision for Game Effect (C/C++, Unity C#)
2017/05   IoT and Vision Data Integration system (SLAM - C/C++, Java, PHP)
2017/05   Web-based Product Image Learning and Classifying (AI - PHP, python, C++)
2017/05   Factory Noisy Script Character Recognition (AI - C/C++ C#)
2017/04/10   3D Animation based on Marker by Kudan Technology. (iOS/Android/ Maya/Unity C#)
2017/03/10   Promotion Application by Kudan Technology. (iOS/Android/ PHP)
2017/02/10   GPS Simulator for Flight trajectory(C#/ C++)
2017/01/10   preSale Inspector. (C#)
2016/10/10   Web system for Party & Event Services. (HTML/CSS/JS/, PHP)
2016/09/15   Inspection system for FPC Diviation.
2016/09/01   Block-based Web system. (HTML/CSS/JS/, Ruby on Rail)
2016/05/15   Inspection system for a heat roll using Line camera.
2016/05/15   Inspection system for Air Flow Cleaning for mising part.
2016/04/15   Inspection system for small scatch using Microscope
2016/04/15   Inspection system for weld pins.
2016/04/15   Inspection system for washing machine part.
2016/04/01   Inspection system for PCB Delivery tray.
2016/03/30   Rotating system by step motor.
2016/03/15   Measurement system for stratch and break of rotating grass.
2016/03/01   Face detection and masking application.
2016/02/15   Video and album management system with AWS.
2016/01/15   Character recorgnition system for varous fonts on chip.
2015/10/23   Delivery inspection system for varous of camera lens.
2015/10/15   Pump Blade Inspection System.
2015/10/15   Ignition Coil Analyzer.
2015/10/10   Start a project to analyze Spring image.
2015/09/02   Runtime AV Editing System in Android.
2015/07/20   Project to inspect Mass Air Flow System.
2015/07/01   OCR System, including Android version.
2015/06/15   Pattern Search System.
2015/06/01   High Speed 3D Measurement System.
2015/05/01   Traning Support System: Video processing / Sensor / Smart phone / Server.
2015/04/01   Medicine inspection system.
2015/03/01   Optic closure inspection.
2015/02/01   Video processing application.
2014/12/12   First project on Inspection System: Item Counter System
2013/12/12   V-Mio System JSC starts business in Vietnam.
2009/10/05   スマートフォン(iPhone/Android)上で動作するアプリケーション開発を開始致しました。
2009/09/07   AR技術を活用したシステム・アプリケーションの開発/販売を開始致しました。
2009/06/08   GAE上で動作するQR連携カンタン作成サービス「toQR」を公開しました。
2009/05/21   ホームページをオリジナルCMSにリニューアルしました。旧HPはこちらより
2008/02/01   VPNネットワーク構築サービスを開始しました。
2007/04/01   サーバの仮想化・分散システム構築サービスを開始しました。
2004/01/15   Mio Desk Capture 画面キャプチャーソフト開発/販売。
2003/12/16   高速スクロールビュー可能な基板測定装置。紹介ページ新設。基板測定装置
2002/02/20   DTP,CAD専用データ送受信ソフト開発。サイト開設「Flying Disk」
2002/01/05   レンタルサーバー及びネットビジネスサポートサイト開設。
2001/10/10   法人化しました。株式会社Mio System
1998/04/01   個人企業として「Media io」設立。