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Japan ICT Week was officially opened from 23/10/2013 with many exciting activities.

The even hold the Application Contest of Vietnamese software deverloper. The objectives of this contest is to show the technical and planing strength of young Vietnamese deverloper which leads to the collaboration with Japanese company attending as sponsors of this Application Contest.

As a Sponsor, it is our pleasure to give the "Mio System Award" especially to the image processing fields. The Success Software Service Co., Ltd. won this price.

We hope to contribute more to the further improvement in technical of Vietnam through this activity.

2018/06   Using Maching learning for detecting Human anatomy body.
2018/06   Using Neuron network for classifying IoT sensor data at Cloud side
2018/06   Adding AI Knowledge for Humanoid Robot.
2018/06   Improvement Accuracy for Factory OCR Application Using machine Learning.
2018/06   Roulette Ball Detection: Product version (Integrated Machine/ C#, C++)
2018/05   Research image object searching and ticketing by trained model, using realtime for Video situation
2018/05   Wireless Inspetion System: Mobile special purpose machine, NFC (Integrated Machine/ C#)
2018/04   NAO Robot: Voice Recorgnition and Human Detection System (NAO Robot/ C++)