Strategy & Expertise

Software design and development should be a reflection of real business goals and objecttives. How many brand interactions are you looking for ? What ty of ROI is involved with creating a software product? How many widgets are you trying to sell? How many app downloads determines a succees?
We work with our clients to determine these goals, and design software to achieve them.

Design & Usability

User Experience (aka"UX")is how a software product, looks, feels, and is interacted with. User experience permeates everything we build, from the inception of a project until the first launch, and beyond.

We believe that software should be beautiful. Our team of designers works directly with you to concept, design and home every visual interface within your software product.

Web-based applications

Web-based application using Drupal or other Framework. Automatic inspection system for factory that used camera and X-ray and Variours measurement apparatuses.
Linux, Mac OSX, Windown, iPhone OS, Android, C++, ObjectiveC, PHP, JavaScript,Python,C#,,Japanese

Rich Mobile Applications

Augmented Reality, Rich Mobile Application(iPhone, android and Japanese cellular phone).